Minting July 14, 10am EST


The last NFT tool you'll need

Silk is an all-in-one crypto toolsuite, designed to help you maximize your gains in a multitude of ways

Robust Features

Mint Automation

Seamlessly send thousands of transactions with our desktop bot

Advanced NFT Rarity

Access to our feature-packed rarity and trait analytics platform

Unparalleled Alpha

Release information, checkout analytics and more in our fully-custom user dash


Extensive Desktop Botting Capabilities

Users will have the ability to mint/snipe/enter raffles on a variety of platforms, including ETH, SOL, PREMINT and more! (See FAQ for full platform-list)


Robust Wallet Management Suite

Users can load wallets with funds, mint across hundreds of wallets, and transfer all funds back to a master wallet with only a few clicks.


Advanced rarity webapp

Display a wide variety of NFT rarity and trait analytics, fully featured with realtime indexing and event monitoring


Extensive Success History

Silk has been around for nearly a year, with an extensive success history to prove it. Take a look at our twitter, where you'll find evidence of 20k+ successful transactions and millions in profit


Market Leading Reputation

From our top-tier support system, to our years of botting experience, to our millions of dollars in historic profit as a private desktop tool, you can be confident that the Silk team is as elite as the toolsuite we offer

Frequently Asked Questions

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What platforms are included in the desktop bot?

What features are available across Silk's other tools?

Do you plan to release new features?

What are the details for the Genesis Mint?

Is there a renewal fee associated with Silk?

I'm a noob, will I still be able to make money with Silk?